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The use instructions of cervical vertebra physiotherapy inst

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With the incidence rate of cervical spondylosis increasing, most cervical spondylosis patients can not massage the cervical vertebra every day, so many people will choose cervical physiotherapy instrument. This instrument can adjust the intensity and time of massage, which is very helpful to relieve the pain of cervical spondylosis. However, the use of cervical physiotherapy device must know how to use it, must first read the instructions in the operation.

Cervical vertebra physiotherapy instrument
1. The temperature must be adjusted according to the individual. In summer, the body is mostly the heat of traditional Chinese medicine. The product can also play a therapeutic role without heating, thus prolonging the service life of the therapeutic instrument. In winter, the heating time should not exceed 25 minutes.
2. In the supine position, place the instrument under the neck, with the steeper end facing the top of the head.
3. Each rest treatment time is about 15-30 minutes, and then take out the treatment instrument to stand and repeatedly rotate the neck 5-25 times.
4. It can be used 2-3 times a day for disease prevention and health care. It can be used in case of neck fatigue. It can also be used immediately after sitting down for a long time according to personal conditions.
5. It can't be used all night.
When using the cervical physiotherapy instrument, patients should pay attention to the following points:
1. Patients are not allowed to use cervical vertebra therapeutic apparatus when they are bathing or sleeping.
2. Children must use cervical vertebra therapeutic apparatus under the guidance of adults.
3. Pregnant women, patients with heart disease and hypertension must follow the doctor's advice before using the product correctly.
4. If you need to move or replace the cervical vertebra therapeutic instrument during use, you should turn it off before use, otherwise it will have strong stimulation.
5. Do not use it with artificial pacemaker, electrocardiograph and other medical electronic devices to prevent other dangers.
6. This product can not be used with high frequency surgical equipment, short wave or microwave equipment at the same time.
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