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Basic function and working principle of cervical vertebra ma

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With the popularity of smart phones, people have never paid attention to their cervical vertebra when playing with mobile phones. Nowadays, many people have cervical vertebra problems. Basically, they can effectively improve the cervical vertebra problems through the intelligent multi-functional cervical vertebra massage instrument or go to the offline massage shops to relieve them. However, the fees charged by the offline massage shops are generally high, So most people choose to use cervical vertebra massage instrument to improve, then, is it useful to use cervical vertebra massage instrument? Next, I will introduce the basic function and working principle of cervical massage instrument.

The basic functions of cervical vertebra massage instrument are as follows
Cervical massage instrument has a variety of different basic functions, also has different effects: it has soft far-infrared basic function, it has comfortable and practical effect. In addition, it can be used for finger pressure, acupoint, multi-point and contact massage, which can be carried out in many ways, so as to achieve better and effective improvement effect.

Nowadays, in the era of advanced science and technology, electronic technology has improved significantly. Today's electronic technology has been popularized by many related industries. Neck massager uses digital technology to restore the normal physiological structure of cervical spine, achieve the effect of traction reduction, change cervical instability, alleviate or eliminate bone hyperplasia.
The cervical vertebra massage instrument integrates four kinds of physiotherapy methods, including medium and low frequency electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, infrared hot moxibustion and pillow traction. It uses the principle of traditional Chinese medicine to dredge the meridians, so as to stretch the local muscles of the body, relax the meridians and activate the collaterals, effectively improve the blood circulation of the neck, and effectively relieve the symptoms of muscle stiffness and pain, In addition, it can also be used for other parts and diseases, and can choose the use parts according to their own body needs.

Cervical vertebra massage instrument is a health care product developed by using the traditional meridian massage and our modern medical massage working principle. It can effectively replace the artificial massage, stretch the tense muscles and muscles of the whole body, reduce the tension and pressure of the human body, and make our whole body comfortable. It can also promote the blood circulation of the whole body and accelerate the metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care.

The massage head integrates the basic functions of magnetic therapy, and the newly created 1800 Gauss health magnetic can stimulate and regulate the biological effects of meridians, guide the operation of Qi and blood, effectively improve the internal environment of human body, change the state of Qi and blood imbalance in the focus area, and then achieve the effect of treating both the symptoms and the root causes.
Through the introduction of Xiaobian, I believe everyone basically understands the working principle and basic functions of cervical massage instrument. If you want to know more about cervical massage instrument, you can pay attention to the official website of Lomax.

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