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Instructions and precautions of intelligent neck massage ins

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Brief description of neck massage instrument
1、 It is an electric pulse neck massage instrument (other physical massage, physical or traction is health care type, too heavy will cause bone dislocation, aggravating cervical discomfort).
2、 It is helpful to promote blood circulation by stimulating neurons to relax, repair and effectively improve cervical dislocation. Unlike physical massage, two battery sensitive films are brought in to stimulate the cervical spine by local emission, blood circulation and dredging, and muscle relaxation.
3、 The function of electric pulse: the low frequency cervical instrument can further increase the bone density, restore the worn part of the vertebral joint, and make the deformed bones compound gradually, thus enhancing the stability of the vertebral joints, opening up the forerunner of the cervical pillow, and has a significant effect on the deep tissue and the interosseous tissue of the body, and can effectively improve the bone marrow and nerve roots, The blood circulation of vertebral artery and other tissues can reduce inflammation and pain, and benefit its function recovery. Low frequency electrotherapy has a better effect on superficial tissue pain such as muscle spasm.
4、 When releasing electric pulse, kasuo can release electromagnetic wave, classify the parts transmitted by himself through neck reflection, expel poison and stimulate, so as to promote metabolism and muscle relaxation.
5、 The most important two patches can be taken out of our neck, waist or leg, or anywhere you need to relieve pain or relieve, or even breast enhancement on us, and then put them in lymph for detoxification.
Pulse mode:
Pulse 1: hemp, crisp and wave type large area diffusion.
Pulse 2: small area diffusion of percussion, hemp, crisp and wave type.
Pulse 3: short-term and small range of hemp, crisp slowly spread.
Pulse 4: continuous quick tapping, acupuncture type.
Pulse 5: slow strike, acupuncture and numb crisp mixed.
Pulse 6: strike acupuncture for six times to stop once, and keep circulation.
Cervical massage instrument use method:
Wet the machine and neck with a wet towel or towel first (this step can not be saved!!! Or there will be a strong tingling feeling.)
Manual operation: press the key on the machine to start the machine. Each time the key to switch on one mode, a total of 6 modes. Press twice in succession to turn off the heating. Press the button connected to the other side to increase the intensity, and the bottom key stringthen is ➕ Enhancement, top key, weaken yes ➖ Strength reduction, strength 1 to 12.
It must be remembered that from the low-level Kai to the high-grade, also according to the personal adaptability to choose the appropriate gear, such as the pursuit of high-end gear will produce tingling feeling.
Speech operation (6 instructions):
① Change the technique
② Turn off heating
③ Turn on heating
④ Strength increase
⑤ Strength weakening
⑥ Intelligent shut down voice operation
Detailed description: in relatively quiet environment, please use standard Mandarin, sensitivity identification rate of about 80%.
Pulse mode and pulse intensity can be adjusted from low to high according to personal adaptability.
The first charge must be full for six hours, and then it can be charged (the key green light on the machine will not flash).
The attached black patch is connected to the output port of the machine with connecting wire, and can be attached to the muscle pain area (not to the artery position). The patch has a certain service life. If it is not attached for dozens of times, it can also be purchased from the after-sales customer service of the manufacturer, with a pair of 5 yuan.
1、 Please read the instruction manual or consult the service sales personnel before using.
2、 For those with pacemaker and metal bracket installed in the heart, please do not use it.
3、 Please use heating function for 30 minutes before strengthening the use of cervical vertebrae instrument for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
4、 Hypertension patients, when blood pressure is rising please do not use! Please use it when your blood pressure is normal.
5、 Pregnant women please do not use!
6、 Before each use, wipe two magnetic pieces and neck with a wet towel!
7、 Itching and crispy feeling is normal, 6 kinds of pulses can be used at will, 12 intensity from low to high slowly to gear( If there is too hemp, please don't be afraid, it will never conduct electricity. The charging current is very small. After strict inspection, please lower the gear, reduce the strength, adapt to it slowly and increase the gear slowly
8、 After use neck instead ache, is cervical vertebra labor is serious! Pain is not accessible, tongzhe does not pain, once-2 times a day, once 10-15 minutes, adhere to a period of time cervical spondylosis will not be in development and will be very effective improvement!
9、 Please keep the warranty card and outer packing box properly for after-sale. Non-human warranty for quality issue for 3 months.
10、 The new machine has a certain amount of electricity, and it will be recharged with light. It is recommended to charge for 5-6 hours for the first time. The green light flashes when charging. When the green light is recharged, the green light will be full when it is long. It can be used for about 9 times when full of electricity. Remember to charge for about three hours. It doesn't need to be charged for too long, otherwise the battery life is short.
[remember: it is not allowed to be used when charging, and do not close to large appliances, especially on the computer mainframe box for charging].
Notes for the patch:
1. the body shall not be oily, sweat and dirt when used. Use after cleaning.
2. after each patch is used, it is not allowed to glue two pieces together, and it needs to be opened separately.
3. wipe with hand or wet towel during cleaning, remember that it cannot be washed in water.
4. when the patch is wet, it can be used normally after 2 hours of drying without stickiness.
5. a pair of patch can be used for about 80 times without damage in normal use( The patch is 5 yuan / pair, and it is replaced once a month.

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