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What is the function of neck massager? What are the benefits

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Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical syndrome, is the general name of cervical osteoarthritis, proliferative cervical spondylitis, cervical nerve root syndrome and cervical disc prolapse. It is a disease based on degenerative pathological changes. Cervical spondylosis can be divided into: cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylosis of nerve root type, cervical spondylosis of spinal cord type, cervical spondylosis of vertebral artery type, cervical spondylosis of sympathetic nerve type, cervical spondylosis of esophageal compression type. We usually use cervical massager to effectively improve cervical spondylosis. The cervical massager can relax, repair, effectively improve cervical dislocation and promote blood circulation, which is totally different from physical massage. It can stimulate the cervical vertebra, promote blood circulation, and relax muscles.
The function of cervical massager
(1) It can relax nerves, promote blood circulation, enhance brain supply, and relieve shoulder and neck pain, neuralgia, myalgia and migraine.
(2) It can effectively improve the symptoms of insomnia, dreams and depression, and enhance energy.
(3) Effectively improve and refresh the nervous and dull mental state.
(4) Improve immunity, effectively improve sub-health status, improve body resistance.
(5) Improve skin problems such as dryness, darkening and spots caused by liver stagnation.
(6) Prevent shoulder stiffness and cervical spondylosis
Benefits of cervical massage
1. Restore the normal physiological structure (curvature) of cervical spine, achieve the effect of traction reduction, change the instability of cervical spine, relieve or eliminate bone hyperplasia.
2. It can eliminate edema and inflammation, and effectively improve cerebral blood supply deficiency.
3. Relieve pain caused by nerve compression.
4. Improve sleep state, improve sleep depth.
5. Adjust the function of cervical vertebra and surrounding tissues in an all-round way to eliminate the disease.
6. The whole family benefits from health care.
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