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Can cervical spondylosis be massaged by cervical massage ins

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Appropriate cervical massage can not only make us more relaxed, but also play a certain role in the prevention of cervical spondylosis to a certain extent, but the premise is that we do not have cervical spondylosis. If we have cervical spondylosis, can we have cervical massage? This problem is explained by the brand editor of Rumex, an intelligent multi-functional cervical massage instrument manufacturer

Whether you choose manual massage or cervical massage, from a medical point of view, the principle is the same, massage neck muscles can relieve neck muscle stiffness, promote blood circulation, relieve neck fatigue, avoid chronic strain and accelerate degeneration. However, for patients with cervical spondylosis, the operation of cervical massage equipment should pay attention to.

For the patients with cervical spondylosis diagnosed by clinicians in regular hospitals, if many lesions of cervical intervertebral disc can not be seen, the operation of cervical massage to relax cervical muscles to relieve cervical fatigue will help to promote the rehabilitation of patients. However, for patients with severe symptoms or diagnosed as cervical spondylotic myelopathy (massage Forbidden) and vertebral artery cervical

spondylosis, improper massage of cervical massager may aggravate the symptoms of patients, and even lead to paraplegia and death, so massage is not allowed.

It is not very scientific to use cervical massage to treat cervical spondylosis, but it is possible to relieve the neck discomfort and fatigue of white-collar workers, writers, drivers, teachers and other patients who bow for a long time.

In general, neck massage is more suitable for mild or asymptomatic patients. For symptomatic patients, timely drug treatment and clear diagnosis is the choice of patients. As to whether massage can be carried out, the advice of the attending doctor should be followed. If the attending doctor suggests massage, the rehabilitation physiotherapy department of the hospital should be selected instead of massage at will.
In fact, cervical massage for cervical spondylosis remission and prevention or have so little effect, but for more serious cervical spondylosis, this or should see a doctor in time. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading this article.

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