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Is the electric shock of the neck massager harmful to the hu

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As a physiotherapy instrument, the cervical spine massager can massage and activate blood, relieve muscle spasm according to the massage method of vibration or beating, and can also play an auxiliary therapeutic role in daily cervical spondylosis. welcome. But when many people use it, they will feel a thorny feeling like electric leakage. Is this kind of electric shock harmful to the human body?

TENS low frequency pulse technology
Take the best-selling Lumès neck massager as an example. It uses low-frequency pulse technology and transmits low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic current to the skin to relieve the pain caused by cervical spine fatigue. Pulse massage is different from physical massage. There will be that squeezing feeling, but a feeling of electrical stimulation.
Low-frequency pulse therapy is low-voltage, low-frequency, and adjustable. It will not cause harm to the human body. It has analgesic but no heat effect. It has a strong stimulating effect on sensory and motor nerves, and has a better treatment effect on nervous cervical spine fatigue.

How neck massager massage works
1. The Lumashi neck massager improves blood circulation and relieves neck fatigue according to the effects of hot compress on acupoints around the neck and low-frequency pulses.
2. There are five massage techniques, including tapping mode, acupuncture mode, scraping mode, massage mode, and automatic combination mode, to simulate electromagnetic pulse massage. The 16-level massage intensity can be adjusted, which can effectively relieve neck pressure and protect neck health.
The micro-current stimulation of the cervical spine massager is not suitable for everyone. Some people may feel uncomfortable at first, like being shocked by electric shock, and they can gradually adapt to it after using it for a period of time. The cervical vertebra massager is portable and easy to use, not only at home, in the office, but also anywhere, anytime. It is one of the massage tools for modern people's health care.

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