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How to distinguish the three modes of Remès massager

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Nowadays, "head-down people" are more likely to suffer from spondylosis. Reducing the use of mobile phones, proper exercise, and massage of the spine are the best ways to prevent cervical spondylosis, but it is almost impossible for students, office workers, and parents who work hard every day. , But the cervical spine problem cannot be ignored, so many people buy cervical spine massage equipment, but there may be some malfunctions during the use of the massage equipment. Then, why the cervical spine massager always shuts down automatically?

If the cervical spine massager you buy always shuts down automatically, you can check whether the machine is powered, or if the battery is dead or if there is a malfunction, it may automatically shut down. If it always shuts down when it is fully charged, it may be a malfunction of the massager. . In addition, check whether it is the shutdown caused by the overheating of the massage motor. If it is, you can see if it can be recovered for a while. If it is not, the massager may be damaged and you can take it for after-sales maintenance.

But it should be noted that the cervical spine massager is set with an automatic shutdown program, and it will automatically shut down after the massage. Moreover, the newly upgraded cervical spine massage instrument can be controlled by the mobile phone through the Bluetooth connection applet. The massage method and massage intensity of the cervical spine massager can be adjusted on the WeChat applet, and the massage time can be set. It will automatically shut down when the time is up. Normally, if the time is short, you can reset it. However, from a health perspective, the cervical spine massager is not suitable for frequent and long-term use, and should not be used for more than half an hour a day.

All in all, it is very important to use the cervical spine massager correctly. Please read the manual carefully before using it to prevent damage to the massager caused by improper use.

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