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How to distinguish the three modes of Remès massager

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Renmasse massager is a health product that many people say they will use now. It is a very comfortable thing to use Renmasse massager after hard work every day, but when you use it, you should find that there are three different The model, then, how to distinguish the three models of Ren Mashi massager?

The distinction between the two modes of Lenmès is actually very simple. They are all marked directly on the remote control. You only need to choose the appropriate mode for your personal situation and perform a massage for about half an hour a day. In fact, the different modes are mainly different in strength.

The difference between the two modes of Renmashi massager
1. The cervical spine problems are different. There are three modes: soothing, automatic and vitality. The automatic mode is suitable for simple health care of the neck and is more suitable for office workers; the relaxing mode is for patients with severe cervical pain, such as acute neck Muscle strains; the vitality mode is aimed at various chronic cervical spine strains, and has the effect of adjuvant therapy.

The difference between the two modes of Renmashi massager
2. If the intensity is different, the intensity will not be high if it is relieved, and it will give people a more comfortable feeling. The other modes are relatively higher.
The above is the difference and distinguishing method of the three models of Renmashi massager. In fact, each model is good in general. It mainly depends on personal needs and endurance. You can choose according to your needs. .

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