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Can Renmashi cervical spine massager be used by pregnant wom

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The cervical spine massager can help release the pressure on the cervical spine. Some pregnant women feel tired and plan to use it to relieve the pressure on the cervical spine. Can pregnant women use the Renmashi cervical spine massager? Some people have heard that it is not suitable for pregnant women to use Renmasse massager, so why can't pregnant women use Renmasse massager?

The manual of the cervical spine massager recommends that pregnant women are not suitable for the use of Lummas cervical spine massager. The reason for this recommendation is mainly because Lummass massager uses simulated massage, acupuncture, pulse, scraping, tapping, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy methods. Acting on the neck, and then giving the neck deep massage effect, it combines a variety of physical therapy experience modes. For pregnant women, the body is in a sensitive period of gestation of the fetus and cannot bear a variety of physiotherapy modes. It is prone to miscarriage in the first trimester and premature delivery in the late pregnancy.

Therefore, when pregnant women feel neck fatigue or pain in the cervical spine, they should not use Renmashi cervical spine massager, nor should they use other massagers or massagers. If the body is really tired, you can ask your family members to get proper massage, go outdoors to do shoulder exercises. Do not stay in the same posture for a long time, do not sit or lie down for a long time, and do exercises appropriately. Make the body more relaxed and avoid backaches.

In addition, the Renmashi cervical spine massager is not suitable for children. When the children at home are curious about the Renmashi cervical spine massager, parents should not let the child use it to massage.

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