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Function and function of multifunctional massager

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At this stage, the massager is loved by consumers, especially the multi-functional massager. What are the functions and functions of the multifunctional massager? Today, let's have a detailed answer by Remus multifunctional massager.

Multifunctional massager is a new generation of health care equipment developed according to physics, bionics, bioelectricity, traditional Chinese medicine and many years of clinical practice.

It has the following functions:
1. Vibration massage: orderly massage protrusions on the pelvic floor cooperate with high-frequency vibration. Efficacy and function: continuously stimulate and massage the acupoints on the soles of the feet, eliminate fatigue, relieve mental tension, improve sleep and improve health.

2. Magnetic therapy and health care: a powerful health care magnet generates a magnetic field and continuously stimulates the foot microcirculation system through the magnetic line of force. Efficacy and function: effectively promote blood circulation, improve human physiological magnetic field, eliminate fatigue, and achieve health care efficacy and function.

3. Water surfing: high-power water pump, surrounded by V-shaped water waves formed by four double head spray nozzles, three-dimensional massage legs. Efficacy and function: effectively promote blood circulation and the operation of Qi and blood in meridians, and prevent hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, foot cold, edema, stomach cold, insomnia and other diseases.

4. Bubble impact: generate bubbles, impact and massage each acupoint on the sole of the foot. The bubble groove produces a large number of bubbles, which gently flick the foot skin and experience the feeling of floating. Efficacy and function: promote blood circulation and play a role in health care.

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