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Is multifunctional massager harmful

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The basic principles of all kinds of massage instruments are the same. They carry out stimulating massage on the body with high-frequency damping vibration, promote the blood circulation system at the stimulated position, accelerate the basic metabolism of the tissue at the position, and then get the actual effect of sports and fitness. So, is intelligent massage harmful? Next, let's take a look at this problem.

Intelligent massage instrument belongs to physical therapy, without side effects. It is suggested that those that can be used at ease, need to be applied according to their own human body conditions, have better practical effects of health care, and are beneficial to human physical and mental health.

Basically, there is no risk. Its basic principle is to use the boost circuit to create a single pulse with high working voltage but weak current for stimulating subcutaneous nerves (nerve clusters or acupoints), which is very safe.

Benefits of massage
It can release pressure all over the body, relieve fatigue and release pressure.
It can dredge the meridians, accelerate the blood gas circulation system, maintain the harmony of yin and Yang, improve the overall resistance of the body, prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases, and increase the charm of the human body.

It can improve the quality of sleep and greatly improve sleep.
Fixed point massage and short wave therapy can purposefully promote the rehabilitation treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, low back and leg pain, intervertebral disc and cervical spondylosis, stroke hemiplegia, stroke and other diseases.

It plays a significant role in promoting the rehabilitation treatment after surgery and radiotherapy.
For sub-health state, it has very good rehabilitation treatment effect.
Some massage can consume unnecessary body fat and achieve the goal of weight loss and body beauty.
Promote the body's endocrine, help discharge the waste in the body and skin, and improve the actual effect of dermatology.
It can improve gastrointestinal function, promote basic metabolism and improve dyspepsia. You can also use the massage oil of Yaowang Valley, and the actual effect is stronger.
Light skill massage can reduce the humoral regulation of the nerve center, calm, help sleep, relieve pain and reduce muscle spasm.
Massage can accelerate arteriovenous flow and venous and blood circulation, relieve the pressure of the heart, expand some capillaries and improve tissue metabolism.

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