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Correct use of multifunctional neck massager

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Electric massage chair, foot vibrator, waist and neck massager... In fact, the use of cervical massager has both advantages and disadvantages for the elderly. If it is used for too long, it will be counterproductive. Some elderly people with chronic diseases are not suitable for use.
In fact, the principles of various cervical massagers are similar. They use high-frequency mechanical vibration to stimulate massage on the human body, promote the blood circulation of the stimulated part, and accelerate the metabolism of the tissue of the part, so as to obtain the effect of fitness. All parts of the elderly begin to age, and most of them have physical function degradation such as osteoporosis / vascular aging. Massage equipment generally focuses on vibration massage. Long term use will stimulate the soft tissue of the elderly and even cause the dislocation of small joints of the spine.

The elderly should pay attention to the following points when using cervical massage.
First, the electric cervical massager with fast vibration frequency and weak vibration intensity should be selected, while the electromagnetic cervical massager is more suitable for middle-aged and young people because of its slow vibration frequency and high vibration intensity.

Second, the use time is not suitable for too long. We should adjust the massage strength and times, from light to heavy, from less to more. The best time is about 20 minutes each time, one time in the morning and one time in the evening.

Third, pay attention to the use method. The arm holding the cervical massager should be flexible, do not hold it too tightly, and the vibrating head should not press the skin tightly. Everything should be natural and comfortable; In case of abnormal phenomena such as vibration stop, too high temperature rise and abnormal sound during use, the use shall be stopped immediately.

Fourth, pay attention to timing. In order to avoid adverse consequences, it is strictly prohibited to use the electronic cervical massager after fasting, satiety, drunkenness and vigorous exercise. At this time, massage can further accelerate the blood flow and enhance the peristalsis of gastric smooth muscle, which is easy to cause nausea, vomiting, chest tightness and other discomfort.

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