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Shenzhen Blue moxibustion health industry Co., Ltd., founded in August 2014, is the owner of "rmase Lomas brand". Based on the strong factory background, the company focuses on building a new technology enterprise integrating independent R & D, production, sales and OEM OEM. Its factory has senior R & D engineers and supply chain experts in the industry, and the enterprise owns independent intellectual property rights, Strict quality system, in order to meet the user experience, bring health and health care value to users, and strive to make world brand in China with the spirit of craftsman who is not forgetting the original heart. The high-tech products which concentrate on medical, western medicine, microelectronics and other scientific research achievements are new products for dredging human meridians and regulating sub-health. It is a green and natural health care and recuperation way, which provides a series of programs for thousands of families' healthy and comfortable life.
Our company has developed and produced intelligent and convenient massager products not only quickly occupy the domestic market, but also have long-term cooperation with well-known domestic platforms: Jingdong, TianChao, koala sea shopping, Netease strict selection, millet products, only products meeting, Su Zi polar objects, Jingdong Beijing manufacturing, etc.
The company is aiming at "pioneering innovation, pursuing excellence, striving for the first in industry and serving the society", and has always taken improving user satisfaction as our unremitting goal. It has always implemented the company's standards of "honesty, practicality, specialty and innovation", based on high-end and world-wide vision, so as to make the technology and product level reach the advanced level in the industry, and constantly seek and innovate on the development road, Contribute more to our physical and mental health.

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